Unfailing in a contemporary kitchen, the HPL laminate worktop stands out for its perfect aesthetics and its daily performance and functionality. Water-repellent and highly resistant to impact and scratches, the HPL laminate worktop is a perfect solution for residential or collective use thanks to its high strength. The Polyform® worktop is innovative thanks to an antibacterial treatment based on silver ions that guarantees the use of a healthy surface suitable for contact with food.

Format 4120 X 650 X 38 MM

Fiano Romano

Materiali Arredo Legnami Edilizia

Certificazione FSC Icol
I prodotti certificati FSC® sono disponibili su richiesta.

I.CO.L. srl

P.I. 00954441002 - C.F. 01033830587 - C.C.I.A.A. 378091

C.S. € 2.000.000,00


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Certificazione PEFC Icol